Tiny Wanderer White Bunny


SKU: TW010
This little white bunny came to the enchanted forest following some colourful butterflies. It was so happy that found this magic place where everyone was different but equal that decided to make it home. After all it was filling different itself. It has the ability to hear the flowers and the butterflies but no one believed it. Such a shame, it has so many beautiful stories to say.  Now it has a unique and  curious audience willing to hear all the stories it has to say. While it was talking to a very special and unique flower a small butterfly sat on the left ear and unanimously decided to be called Farfale. A very suited name for a very happy bunny.
  • Tiny wanderers is a series of a small creatures full of kindness and magic. Made with high quality fabrics and a lot of care.
  • They are coming in to a craft box ready to be gifted. The size of the doll is approx. 20cm.

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