Lemon Dreamz products are handcrafted with care. Please read carefully the safety and care instructions.
  • Fabric dolls and toys are made with cotton, linen and in some cases with synthetic fabrics. We don’t use plastic or metallic small parts. In some cases you might see some details sewn by hand. All toys are filled with hypoallergenic stuffing. Wash in hand or in a light circle in the washing machine preferably into a washing machine bag. Don’t use a tumble dryer.
  • Bibs and bandana bibs are made from 100& cotton fabrics and have a plastic button at the back. In case loose buttons please don’t make knots and don’t use safety pins to avoid strangulation. Don’t leave babies unattended while wearing the bibs.
  • Wooden tethers are made from natural wood and don’t have chemical treatment. They conform to the new EN71-3.2013 BABY SAFETY STANDARD. Wash in hand. Don’t put them in the washing machine or in the dishwasher.
  • Rattles and crinkle paper are sewn inside the toy. In case the toy is damaged please remove it from the child to avoid swallowing those small parts.
All products are made having in mind the pleasure and mental development of babies and small children.
Please don’t leave unattended babies and small children  during playing.
If a product is damaged in time of purchase please contact us and we will replace it immediately.
Lemon Dreamz doesn’t take responsibility for bad use of products. Buyer has the total responsibility.
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